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The ADDISON “move-on” event series has the aim of highlighting ground-breaking trends for innovative tax accountants. The focus of the events, which in 2016 took place in selected trend locations in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, was the launch of ADDISON one click. Renowned guest speakers and industry insiders like Ibrahim Evsan or Gerriet Danz explained the innovative advantages of the new cloud-based application; software experts from Wolters Kluwer show how tax accountants can profit from the new possibilities.

Intermediate stop of the move-on event series in Frankfurt.
Managing Director Andreas Hermanutz, presents the tax consulting software - ADDISON One Click

Agency Services

  • Consultation and concepting an innovative event format for the launch
  • Scouting for selected trend locations all over Germany
  • Concepting the event programme and the event dramaturgy together with ADDISON
  • Research, selection and booking of the speakers and show acts
  • Room conception, design, technical equipment, planning, choice of catering of the ADDISON “move on” events
  • GU project supervision and technical event implementation
The events were also provided with giveaways and product presentations.
Satisfied visitors speak for a complete success of the event series.

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